Naor Dayan is the new and an intriguing face of theTel Aviv's bustling underground scene. Born and raised in one of the city’s somewhat challenging areas got him fleeing to the city’s center in an early age. There Naor was exposed to the lively electronic music scene whilst uncovering a personal calling to create a musical language. Cutting his teeth through, eventually scored him a residency in the known Alphabet club.

From there Naor quickly climbed to playing in local leading spots such as the Block, the Breakfast Club, Beit Maariv, PAG nights, E-boded raves, to name a few whilst increasingly noticed internationally. Indeed, in the past year, Naor was able to express his talent throughout Europe as well, in clubs such as Warsaw’s Smolna, the prestigious Larm in Budapest, Veina’s Sass and About Blank club in Berlin.
Naor’s bold and sweeping sets offer an uncompromising, dynamic and darky journey. In minding a need to soften the rough edges, elegant taps of compassion are created by combining a selection of techno sub genres merging together in fashioning a mesmerizing and powerful experience.  Sensitive at heart, Naor has the habit of rapping up the storm he created with a surprising brush of pleasant house or disco leaving a sweetened dance floor behind.  

Riding his rapid progress, Naor felt, in the past year, ready to whole heartedly devote himself entirely with producing his own original music. While leaving his day job behind, he succeeded to build himself a dedicated studio while diving deep within the work. No doubt, that soon enough these sessions will be cooked to the right temperature and released.