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Deep'a & biri

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Deep'a & Biri, are among the most promising talents emerging from the electronic scene of Tel Aviv, with previous releases on Derrick May's Transmat, DJ Hell's International DJ Gigolos and their own Black Crow label. Yaron Deep'a has long been a key figure in Tel Aviv’s night life both as a DJ and A&R for the city's legendary Barzilay club, and today keeps the now-closed venue's spirit alive with the Barzilay Crew nights he still runs. Through the Tel Aviv club nights he has run for the past 15 years he has had a significant part in re-building the city's young techno and house scene, regularly hosting top DJs including Detroit luminaries Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood and Kenny Larkin; and established European names such as DJ Hell, Moderat, Kink, Ame, Dixon, Moritz von Oswald, Luke Slater, Len Faki and Ben Klock. Itai Biri is a young producer from the city of Jerusalem who started his journey into electronic music at the early age of 14, quickly mastering an impressive range of production & DJ skills. 

In 2013 the boys released their debut album on DJ Hell's Gigolo Records and joined Derrick May's Transmat booking agency. Having supported the duo's music for years, May has made Deep'a & Biri a regular fixture of Transmat label nights in clubs including Rex Club (Paris), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Bloc (Barcelona) and Concrete (Paris). In 2016 they released their first full EP on Transmat, selling out its vinyl run in under a week. Early 2018 they released their 2nd album, 'Dominance', which showcase their currently emotional techno sound, The double LP was picked as album of the month by ‘Mixmag Magazine’ and heavily played by top artists. While they continue to perform in Tel Aviv and beyond, their Black Crow label continues to build its own following, with acclaimed EPs from Deep'a & Biri themselves, fellow Israeli Hakimonu, Italy's 2030, German/Polish producer The Analog Roland Orchestra and Iran-born Aril Brikha, whose joint 'Hope' EP with Deep'a & Biri was released in 2014 & saw proceeds donated to local Israel/Palestine peace initiatives. A range of respected techno names including Mind Against, Inland, Echologist, Luigi Tozzi and ROD have contributed remixes to Black Crow releases.