There's a deeply- rooted philosophical dedication to real time devotion at the heart of Mikey Horesh work as Coobe. Just like it takes two to Tango, Mikey views the dance floor event as directly depending on a degree of activeness and faith from both DJ and audiences. Both players must arrive to the scene confident in its energetic potential, without hesitation. It is, according to Mikey, hesitation that makes us doubt.

As a producer, Mikey freely pulls from as many landscapes as possible in creating an eclectic and deep route that moves from electro to psychedelic techno, to hypnotic groove and disco devils. At some moments, concepts take a particular shape in Mikey’s emotional mind. He then writes single organic sound packages with a clear character and a personal message, but left open for different meanings. Mikey was 14 years old when he started learning and playing around with Cubase. He was at same time also a member of a teenage band. Twisted and varied genres such as jazz, punk, alternative, Israeli music from all periods that had influenced him then are all still visible in his present compositions. Throwing in a guitar, a thin synthesizer, alongside tambourine and a chunky bass, the musical outcome is all beginning and ending with a continuous note. With the flair for fusion always present, Mikey played in a variety of locations and crowds such as experimental Jerusalem, Tel Aviv’s sleazy and leading clubs to wild nature gatherings. In the near future there’s a few releases coming public, the first expected to arrive is via Rotten City Records.

Humanity as the first layer hidden underneath our naked bodies is dressed in a crazy suit and It is Mikey’s wish in the world to expose it with melodies and productions through attentive ears and high ecstasy.