Alex Levin

Alex Levin



Alex is dedicated to the fine art of constructing a DJ set, viewing the DJ set as an opportunity to experience a happening over a long period of time. Alex has been focusing in discovering and exploring the technical and spiritual possibilities an extended DJ set can offer.

The electronic music of the 90’s and video games soundtracks’ sparked Alex’s musical passion. Having a technical background, allowed a quick mastering of techniques to kick off a still ongoing sound journey. Undergoing different musical episodes throughout his career, allowed him to collect many elements and influences of different genres then taking them further. Alex puts importance on emotion and performs story telling in somewhat of a rollercoaster-style way, where repetition and contrasts cooperate. A musical narrative set on a techno beat spiced up with electro and house flavors that results in a stylistic blend of melodic, hypnotic, acid, and industrial elements. This cosmic journey is driven on energy, emotion and sometimes melancholy.

Based in Tel Aviv for the last decade, a former resident of the Technodrome crew, the groundbreaking Cheesecake parties in the Breakfast club whilst joining the now Berlin-based Legotek label. Currently, Alex is set in a residency in the notorious PAG nights in Alphabet club, allowing him to maintain his ongoing musical investigation not entirely sure of where it may lead.