Eyal Ben Shimon has been experimenting with music from a very young age. This is not surprising, as musicality runs hard in his family blood line and childhood memories are painted with music all through out. Growing up in the colorful melting pot Jerusalem city is, got him taking in inspiration in all sorts of shades to eventually become a complex and culturally rich young man. This resulted in landing his first residency whilst being under age, only 17 years old, at the legendry Bass club in Jerusalem. Expectedly followed was a growing experimentation with music production, starting almost a decade ago. Naturally, this led to specialized education, first in piano and classical music and then synthesis and sound production. 

This deep love for music combined with a great sense of curiosity got Eyal to develop a broad and versatile personal taste. Groove dripping, Eyal’s sly and sassy productions invite the listener to get low and dirty in the darkness only to then lift them back with a cheeky twist. His sets tend to bring the edges to the front and create colorful and curvy experiences. Eyal has releases in London’s Sulk Magic Recordings (supported by Trevor Jackson), Berlin's NEIN Records, Dutch Karakter Records and he is the only non-Latin American producer who featured in the highly appreciated Calypso Records. Under his record is also a spot in Beatport's bestselling chart and being played by Ivan Smadgghe on his famous NTS radio show.

Currently, Eyal is working on an LP for several large label companies as well as various artists’ remixes. Adding to the mix, this busy bee also functions under the name of Blame Honey - the wild boy - productions that are far more experimental and trashy. Expanding to additional territories within the field, saw a collaboration with Lily Haz and the two establishing the promising TofiStock record label. The label follows a belief in the existence of a wealth of music hidden in the backs of drawers, awaiting to be uncovered. Not constricted to hifi or lofi styles of productions, TofiStock’s common ground is based on a sneaky, sleazy, romantic, dark vibe. The year of 2018 has already kicked off with a European tour for Eyal and unstoppable hunger for continuous making.